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“Be prepared to have your heart broken… A very moving book … It’s quite an emotional journey to read and I cried more than once… I would highly recommend it.” – Rohima Khan, (Amazon, 5 star review)

“This is an uplifting novel filled with hope and an abundance of life-affirming messages, in spite of the darkness.”  – Nicola, (Good Reads, 5 star review)

“This was such a heart-wrenching book. The sadness slowly creeps up on you, hope and despair battle for the limelight until the very last page.” – Natalie, (Good Reads, 5 star review)

In German

Als die Träume in den Himmel stiegen - Laura McVeigh

*DerSpeigel Bestseller* *Fischer Leseclub Book Club Choice*

“Ein ganz wunderbares und hochemotionales Debüt, das ich nur jedem ans Herz legen kann. . . Eine sehr traurige aber auch hoffnungsvolle Geschichte, die noch lange nachklingt. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Buch von Laura McVeigh. 5 Sterne von mir.”

“A really wonderful and strong emotional debut, that I can only recommend to everyone. . . A tragic but also hopeful story that lingers for a long time. I am looking forward to the next book by Laura McVeigh. 5 stars from me.” – ConnyKathBooks (LovelyBooks.De, 5 star review)

“Die Autorin hat hier eine beeindruckende Geschichte erschaffen die durch ihre Sprache und der präzisen Recherchen von allen Zeiten glänzt und trotz fiktiver Figuren absolut authentisch hervortritt. Verdiente 5 Sterne und absolut Lesenswert!!”

“The author has created an impressive story here that shines through its language and the precise research of all the times written about and emerges absolutely authentically despite the fictional characters. Earned 5 stars and absolutely worth reading!!” – Perserkatze, Reader from Iran, (5 star review on LovelyBooks.De)

“Ich konnte das Buch kaum aus der Hand legen. Der Schreibstil war einfach unglaublich ansprechend und sehr schön zu lesen. Zudem ist es wirklich eine wunderschöne Geschichte. Ich weiß gar nicht wie ich all das in Worte fassen soll und wo ich anfangen soll…Das Buch war wirklich wunderbar und die Geschichte war so ergreifend und herzzerreißend.”

“I could hardly put the book down. The writing style was just unbelievably appealing and wonderful to read. Besides, it’s a really beautiful story. I do not know how to put all this into words and where to start … The book was really wonderful and the story was so poignant and heartbreaking.” – Zeilenverliebte, (5 star review)

In Italian


“Pagina dopo pagina, scopriamo che per sopravvivere Afsana usa l’unica arma a sua disposizione: il potere dell’immaginazione, facendo della finzione il proprio scudo.”

“Page after page, we find out that in order to survive, Afsana uses the only weapon at her disposal: the power of imagination, making fiction her shield.” – Review in La Repubblica, Italy

“Commovente fino alle lacrime, elegiaco e pieno di speranza, emoziona senza retorica né sentimentalismo.”

“Moving to tears, elegiac and full of hope, it moves one without rhetoric or sentimentality.” – Gabriele Ottaviani, Convenzionali

“Se ti è piaciuto “Il cacciatore di aquiloni”, allora ti piacerà questo libro. Per la prima volta in molti mesi ho pianto, quando stavo leggendo questa storia. Molto altamente raccomandato.”

“If you liked “The Kite Runner”, then you will like this book. For the first time in many months I cried when I was reading this story. Very highly recommended. – Debi45, Mondadori review (5 star)”

In Spanish


“Creo que La casa del almendro es una gran novela. Una de esas historias que se quedan prendidas al lector y que permanecen con él por mucho tiempo que pase…La novela está narrada con un estilo casi intimista, con delicadeza y mucha elegancia. Ha sido todo un placer leerla. Nos muestra la crueldad de la guerra y que quienes la sufren no son los que la ejecutan. Y sin embargo también es una novela que nos indica que hay que seguir hacia adelante y buscar nuevas oportunidades.”

“I think that ‘Under the Almond Tree’ is a great novel. It is one of those stories that stays with the reader for a long time after reading… The novel is narrated in an intimate style, with delicacy and elegance. It has been such a pleasure to read. It shows us the cruelty of war and that those who suffer. And yet it is a novel that shows us that we must go forward and keep believing in what is possible.” – Adivina quien lee (5 star review)

“Es una novela con mucho sentimiento, con muchas emociones, llena de esperanza.”

“It is a novel with a lot of feeling, many emotions, full of hope.” – Yo lei un libro

“Un libro que te golpea el corazón y te demuestra que los héroes de verdad no visten capa y antifaz sino que son personas humildes que tras enfrentarse a las mayores tragedias que podamos imaginar, no se rinden, y ven en cada amanecer una nueva oportunidad.”

“A book that grabs your heart and shows you that real heroes do not wear cloaks and masks but are humble people who, after facing the greatest tragedies imaginable, do not give up, and see in each dawn a new opportunity.” – Ana G. Aranda,

In French


“Laura McVeigh a écrit un magnifique roman qui, au-delà du récit des parcours de vie de ceux qui doivent fuir leurs pays, nous pose la question: comment un être humain réussit-il à survivre à la guerre, aux pertes des êtres chers, au dénuement? Quelles ressources devra-t’il trouver au fond de lui pour ne pas sombrer?  Ce roman est un énorme coup de coeur.  A lire de toute urgence.”

“Laura McVeigh has written a magnificent novel that, beyond the story of the life of those who have to flee their country, poses the question: how can a human being survive war, the losses of loved ones, even destitution? What resources must one have to find deep down in order to survive? This novel grabs you by the heart. Highly recommended, a must read.” – Mapatou, Babelio (5 star review)

In Dutch


“Wat een debuutroman! Hoe aangrijpend, geloof mij het pakt je op een gegeven moment bij de keel, het is ook de schoonheid van de beschrijvingen van een andere cultuur, de mooie landschappen en de kracht van de familieband die toch universeel is die dit boek het lezen meer dan waard maken.

“What a debut novel! How poignant, believe me it grabs hold of you at a given moment, and it is also the beauty of the descriptions of another culture, the beautiful landscapes and the strength of the family bond that is universal that make this book more than worth reading.” – Jan Stevens, The Netherlands,


In Danish


“Laura McVeigh debuterer med “Under de stille stjerner” – og hvilken debut… Romanen er en af de historier, som langsomt vokser, udfolder sig og blomstrer på en stilfærdig med vedholdende måde. Det er en barsk historie, som er skildret så smukt, at man på det nærmeste glemmer, hvilke forfærdelige forhold Afsana overlever.  “Under de stille stjerner” borer sig ned under huden, ud i blodbanerne og helt ind i hjertet. Her huserer den så hen over natten, hvor den efterlader et evigt aftryk på sjælen. Læs “Under de stille stjerner” af Laura McVeigh, hvis duer til den gode, storslåede historie, vil smile gennem tårer,forundres på livet.”

“Laura McVeigh debuts with Under the Silent Stars, and what a debut… The novel is one of those slow-growing stories that unfolds and blossoms in a quiet and persistent way. It’s a tough story, yet is so beautifully told that you almost forget what terrible conditions Afsana survives. “Under the Silent Stars” drills down under your skin, gets into your bloodstream and into the heart. Here it remains, leaving an eternal impression on the soul. Read “Under the Silent Stars” by Laura McVeigh, if you are looking for a great, magnificent story, can smile through tears and marvel at life.” –

In Bulgarian


“Силна и въздействаща история за страха, за войната и за жестоките последици от нея, засягащи невинни хора и семейства.”

“A strong and influential story about fear, war and its brutal consequences, affecting innocent people and families.” – Andzhelika, (Good Reads, 5 star review)

“Невероятна, завладяваща и сърцераздирателна история! Смесването на илюзия и реалност те въвлича все по-дълбоко в трогателната историята на Самара. Поплаках от сърце. Изумена съм от силата и волята да продължиш напред,когато си изгубил всичко, което познаваш и обичаш… Препоръчвам силно!”

“An incredible, fascinating and heart-breaking story! The mixing of illusion and reality engages you deeply in the sad story. I cried my heart out on reading it. I am amazed by the power and will to go forward when you lose everything you know and love … I strongly recommend!” – Stela Radeva, (Good Reads, 5 star review)

In Romanian

Romanian Edition


Sub stelele tăcute este romanul de care-ţi vei aminti cu o durere indescriptibilă în suflet. Laura McVeigh a avut grijă să transmită o poveste care să te şocheze, să te uimească, să te fascineze şi să ţi se imprime în suflet şi în minte.  – Diana Macovei (Good Reads, 5 Star Review)

“Sub stelele tăcute” este o carte profundă, tocmai prin aparenta simplitate prin care evocă evenimente dramatice. Mai mult decât o relatare, este istoria unei căutari.

A profound book, precisely because of the apparent simplicity with which events are narrated. More than a story, it is a tale of fundamental searching. –


In Chinese



“a deeply moving and powerful story of an Afghan family’s journey, highly recommended, impressive literary epic tale.” (5 Star Review, Douban)

当我们孤身一人,如何面对生活的苦难?这是 一本关于自由、希望、亲情、人性的动人之书

“When we are alone, how can we face the suffering of life? This is a moving book about freedom, hope, love and humanity.” (5 Star Review on Douban)